Sustaining 服务

Just keeping your facility up and running is hard enough.
How do you keep it running better every day?

For the most part, your facility is running just fine but, inevitably, stuff happens. You need personnel who have operational knowledge to continuously improve, maintain and sustain operations and processes and at the same time, resolve issues quickly.

  • Who is your first line of support?
  • Who is monitoring control system incidences and providing preventive maintenance support when equipment malfunctions or a part breaks?
  • How can you make real progress when you’re stuck working on the same old problems?
  • How can you become more profitable when you keep losing money to unplanned downtime?
  • How can you advance your operations when you’re constantly challenged by continual changes in personnel, 原材料, 客户规格, seasonality and product mix?
  • How can you access technical expertise when you can’t afford to hire the skills full-time?

Operations and maintenance tasks can consume valuable man-hours from on-site personnel. Delayed response to incidences can cause your facility to lose valuable production time and, in certain instances, lead to damaged equipment or personnel injury.

Look to MAVERICK Technologies® when sustaining services and specialized operational consulting knowledge is required to monitor and maintain control systems. As a platform-independent automation supplier, the MAVERICK team uses industry-leading best practices to provide 24/7/365 application support, remote management services and production optimization solutions.

As part of our PlantFloor24® global operations center solution, we perform periodic monitoring and analysis services to help identify issues and correct them remotely. Depending on the situation, we also send on-site assistance and stay engaged with your facility even after a project is considered complete.

Providing faster response time to incidents through remote management has been proven to reduce downtime and repair costs while extending the lifetime of your assets. And the cost of just one avoided incident has been shown to completely offset the service price by a significant margin.

Full-time support is also available where we work with your team to sustain operational improvements, which can alleviate the “fighting fires” mindset so common with limited operations and maintenance staffing. Having additional expert consulting help on hand provides the extra production needed without breaking the personnel budget.


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